Alpha Chapter 7

Bankruptcy Kit

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Alpha Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Kit
Thank you for considering this Alpha Arizona Divorce Kit, published by Alpha Publications of America. The Alpha Arizona Divorce Kit is a complete do-it-yourself Divorce Kit with easily prepared Forms designed especially for the Non-Lawyer.

The divorce kit provides:

(1) easily prepared forms which can either be hand printed or typed, (2) child custody forms that allow either one parent custody or joint custody, (3) property and debt schedules which allow for a simple, yet effective method of dividing the community property and/or debts, (4) Forms that allow the spouse (respondent) to accept service from the petitioner, and thus simplify the divorce proceedings, (5) Forms required to serve the papers upon respondent by all of the authorized methods of service, and (6) A complete instruction guide that not only outlines important information regarding divorce procedures, but also guides you set-by-step through the selection, preparation, filing and service of the Forms upon respondent. There are also illustrated examples of each form in the Appendix section.

Keep in mind also that the Divorce Laws and Local Court Procedures are Subject to change without notice from time to time. If you experience any changes in either the filing procedures, the service of process or hearing procedures that vary from the way we have stated them in this text, please call Alpha immediately. Also, from time to time, some of the Courts provide their own forms for such things as Civil Cover Sheets, Judgment Data Sheets or Forms to Waive or Postpone the filing fees. If this happens in your case, simply complete the Forms supplied by the Court and disregard the ones in this Kit.

Again, thank you for considering the Alpha Arizona Divorce Kit.